School Fees

School Fees January 2019

Michael House School does not receive any funding from the State. We are therefore reliant upon parents paying fees for this education and are keen to improve our school especially with the attraction and retention of good teachers. The tables below show the standard tuition fees for the Kindergarten years and the Main School years.


Class Full fee Term Month
Kindergarten 1 2560.00 860.00 215.00
Kindergarten 2 3570.00 1200.00 300.00
Kindergarten 3 4700.00 1580.00 395.00
Class 1 5510.00 1840.00 460.00
Class 2 5510.00 1840.00 460.00
Class 3 6060.00 2040.00 510.00
Class 4 6060.00 2040.00 510.00
Class 5 6060.00 2040.00 510.00
Class 6 6580.00 2200.00 550.00
Class 7 6580.00 2200.00 550.00
Class 8 6580.00 2200.00 550.00
Class 9 7000.00 2360.00 590.00
Class 10 7000.00 2360.00 590.00

Sundry of £100.00/term per child will be added to the invoice, there are three terms per year.

Kindergarten 1 = 15 hours, Kindergarten 2 = 21 hours, Kindergarten 3 = 27.5 hours

Sibling Discounts

Class Full fee/year Sibling 1/year/20% Sibling 2/year/60% Sibling 3/year/80%
Kindergarten 1 2560.00 2048.00 1024.00 512.00
Kindergarten 2 3570.00 2856.00 1428.00 714.00
Kindergarten 3 4700.00 3760.00 1880.00 940.00
Class 1 5510.00 4408.00 2204.00 1102.00
Class 2 5510.00 4408.00 2204.00 1102.00
Class 3 6060.00 4848.00 2424.00 1212.00
Class 4 6060.00 4848.00 2424.00 1212.00
Class 5 6060.00 4848.00 2424.00 1212.00
Class 6 6580.00 5264.00 2632.00 1316.00
Class 7 6580.00 5264.00 2632.00 1316.00
Class 8 6580.00 5264.00 2632.00 1316.00
Class 9 7000.00 5600.00 2800.00 1400.00
Class 10 7000.00 5600.00 2800.00 1400.00

There are three terms per academic year.


Kindergarten hours are as agreed between Kindergarten staff and parents.  Fees cover up to five mornings and three afternoons per week.  Additional afternoon’s Tuesday and Thursday to 3 pm are charged at £8.00 each session. Breakfast in the nursery £3.00

Sibling Discounts 

20% discount is offered for a second child, 60% for a third child and 80% for a fourth child.  These discounts are not available in conjunction with any other scheme and are at the discretion of the school


A charge of £100 for each child per term is made as a contribution towards expenses (e.g. Ofsted inspection, subsidising performances, handwork and woodwork materials, readers).

New Pupils

One-off registration fee of £50 per child payable before a child can be accepted on trial. Additionally the agreed term fee and extras charge will be charged on a pro-rata basis, for each week of the trial period for each child (usually £50 per week). This amount is non-refundable, and is payable at the beginning of each week of the trial period.

In the Kindergarten the registration fee is £50 and is non-refundable.

Kindergarten is Supported by the Derbyshire County Council Early Years Grants.

Michael House School accepts Edenred, Computershare and RG Childcare vouchers.

All parents are encouraged to help maintain and grow our School by supporting work-days, School Fairs, and encouraging new parents to join our school (publicity, Open Days etc.). In this way we can reduce our costs, keep fees as low as possible and make our school attractive to our children and prospective parents and their children. These fees will be increased annually, but with a commitment that the increases will be kept as low as possible whilst still meeting school costs. Parents/Guardians can choose to spread their fees across 12 months and pay by Standing Order, or pay their fees in full on or before the first day of each term. Late payments will be subject to a 5% charge to cover the extra administration costs.

One full term’s notice must be given in writing to the Administrator if a child is to leave Michael House School before the end of class 10. If such notice is not received, the appropriate term’s fees will be charged in lieu. The notice does not have to coincide with the start of a term.


We encourage all our parents to pay by standing order directly into our school bank account.  Please state your family name clearly on the narrative section of the payment so that we can easily identify the source of funds.  Parents are also advised to email the Administrator at  to confirm the details of payments being made under standing order arrangements and confirm the dates and amounts of future payments in order to update our records e.g.  “I will be paying £700 on the first day of each month until the end of August 2017”