Class 8

(13-14 years)

By Class 8, puberty is well established and pupils are going through a period of rapid physical growth. Along with the physical changes comes a growing self-awareness. The pupils are acutely aware of their gender and sexuality. The need to express their innermost thoughts and feelings can sometimes lead to confrontations with authority, but with the growing faculties of judgment and criticism comes an openness to reasoning.

The pupils are seeking a meaningful place in the world. Not only do they want to know what the world is like but they also start to question why it is like it is. By the end of Class 8 the pupils are ready to move on from the authority of the Class teacher, who has accompanied them for the past 8 years, and need guiding into being able to take on more responsibility for their own learning. They seek new authorities and role models.

Aims and Objectives

Class 8 is a rounding off of the eight years spent with the Class teacher.  The pupils will have an appreciation of what being human is all about and the potential and responsibility that humanity has.

Good work habits will be thoroughly established by now and the pupils prepared for the different style of teaching in the Upper School. They will be self-motivated and ready to take more responsibility for their own learning. As a means to this end each pupil will have given a public presentation of a project on a topic of their own choice. The fostering of greater individuality will be balanced by collaborative working on a major group project such as a play.

Highlights of Class 8

  • Class 8 Projects
  • The Class 8 Play
  • A residential trip of 1-2 weeks at the end of the school year, possibly abroad. Preparation for this will often involve several major fund-raising events, organised by the pupils.