Class 7

(12-13 years)

In Class 7 the pupils turn 13 and become teenagers. Each pupils reaches puberty at his/her own appointed time, making for a group at very diverse stages of development. It is a time of inner and outer discovery. The pupils feel a growing yearning for independence and privacy but still need the security of a wise authority guiding them into new areas of thought.

Physically they find themselves heavier and alternate between bouts of lethargy and spells of energetic activity. They search for outer and inner balance. In thought, the growing senses of judgment and criticism are ready for more abstract thinking. Feelings crave guidance into means of self- expression.

Aims and Objectives

The pupils need new perspectives and ideas and must be led into reliving the discoveries of our forefathers. The Renaissance, Reformation and Age of Discovery have a central part to play.
Balancing the exploration of the outer world on a grand scale (Geography, History, Astronomy) must come exploration of more hidden worlds (Physiology, Chemistry, Electricity, self-expression). The world of ideas is opened up and old, established beliefs are questioned. Abstract ideas (negative numbers, indices, algebra) are grappled with.

Highlights of Class 7

  • A detailed Study of The Renaissance
  • Astronomy – naked-eye observations of the night sky
  • Building and firing a lime kiln as part of the Chemistry main lesson on combustion