Download the Kindergarten Handbook 2017

Located in the early years centre at Michael House School, we have three Kindergarten groups catering for preschool children aged from 3 ½ through to 6 years of age.

The Kindergarten stands within a beautiful garden surrounded by woodland immersing the children in the changing seasons, birdsong, flower and a few puddles from time to time!

The rhythm of daily life is simple and unhurried leaving space and time for imagination and initiative to unfold through play.  We work to support the child’s own discoveries and opinions.

In such an environment, children will naturally develop a love of learning and an innate curiosity
the world around them.

These abilities help to prepare them for the more formal learning that they will experience when they enter the Main School.

Our gentle, rhythmic days are carefully structured to offer time for free play as well as group activities.

In our play area, children can choose from a wonderful selection of natural tools: wood, silk, cotton, muslin, simple dolls, wooden trucks etc.  This is a time for a child’s imagination and natural curiosity to shine through in the serious business of play!

Each day has its own special activity from cooking and baking, painting, gardening, modelling with beeswax and movement.

We gather together for rhymes, songs and stories and to share the food that we have prepared.

Learning happens on its own.  Artistic and craft activities nurture coordination and creativity. Language and communication is unlocked through our storytelling and singing circle time. Sorting and counting forms the beginning of numeracy and physical development races along through running and playing.

The small mixed groups give children the opportunity to discover empathy and cooperation, giving the first sense of community and their place in a society.

Janni Nichol, the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (SWSF) early childhood representative, explains the basic differences in a Steiner Waldorf kindergarten, ”Children (birth to rising 7) are not formally taught literacy or numeracy, nor are ICT or electronic gadgetry used. Instead they are supported by highly trained practitioners who provide a strong rhythm and enabling environment which enhances their experiences, engenders empathy and social resilience, and nurtures creativity, physical development and imaginative thinking”.

To find out more about joining kindergarten, please see our information on Admissions.

To arrange a visit, give us a call on 01773 718050.