Vision and Ethos

Core Task

To meet the educational needs of the modern child.

Core Values

  • For all aspects of our school to be founded on Anthroposophy
  • Excellent practise
  • To be inclusive
  • To be abundant

Core Vision

By 2023 Michael House a Rudolf Steiner School will be a popular, flourishing Waldorf school, providing a full Waldorf education from ante-natal to to 18 years, that engages with the community.

By 2030 Michael House a Rudolf Steiner School will be a flourishing, respected centre for life-long education engaging with the community.



21st century Waldorf education at Michael House seeks to provide an unhurried and creative learning environment for children from early years to GCSE. It is founded on Rudolf Steiner’s guidelines emphasising the development of the ‘whole’ child, not just their intellectual development but also their physical, emotional, spiritual and moral development.

Our curriculum is broad-based, inclusive and holistic, developing the ‘head, hand and heart’ and gives very balanced attention and opportunity for growth in all these areas. The 2014 SIS Inspection Report states “The provision of a wide range of opportunities for pupils’ personal development means that they become confident and articulate young people.”

The curriculum is designed to work in harmony with the different phases of a young person’s development. It is taught in thematic blocks in the morning, carefully building on previous learning. Subjects which require constant practice and repetition, (which build the essential qualities of resilience and ‘will’) such as Modern Foreign Languages and Music generally occur after break time whilst the more practical subjects of Art, Gym, Biodynamic Gardening, Craft and Woodwork generally occur after lunch working with the natural rhythms of the human being. However, whilst the school day is divided thus, there is no division in learning between the intellectual, social and emotional realms since all learning is enhanced through the opportunity for our students to work together, applying their knowledge through broad based practical, ‘hands-on’ creative problem solving.

Personal development is an individual, often unpredictable and long term phenomenon. Our Steiner Waldorf philosophy underpins our sensitive, reflective learning community where individuality, creativity and interdependence are nurtured enabling secure and highly resourceful young people to emerge.