Definite Happenings

Around the Year in 80 Events

Things being planned for the 80th so far…

We have an exciting year ahead of us. 80 years is not nothing! We’ve got lots of inspiration from our drop-in 80th ideas day and from all the children’s ideas. We’re taking the strong durable oak tree as the symbol for the year, for which we’re planning to have some classes plant 80 oak trees. Also, of course, there’s Jules Verne’s ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’, which is definitely on my reading list.

You are welcome to send us any more ideas, possibly inspired by the above, ideally with the will and time to organise it too!

Mostly events and activities will have the name of the organiser behind them so you know who to contact. Email or contact Sigrid Black, Imogen Beeston or Ann Featherstone for more details.

If you’d like to help with anything specific, let us know!

MH Recipe Book

Zoe Burns

If you have any recipe’s which for you are somehow associated to Michael House, please send them in with your story. Either hand them to Zoe or Email them to with a ‘recipe’ heading. Maybe you always baked something specific for the fairs, you remember eating something in Kindergarten, or you cooked something with your class?


Alumni Events

Sigrid Black

These will be planned soon. If you have some ideas of what you’d enjoy, let us know! We’re gathering alumni info, also to find out how many people would be interested in alumni events at the school. To help with this, email Rosemary Townsend the filled in ‘alumni questionnaire’ or ask her to send it to you.   If you’d like to help with the organising email


Alumni Postcards

Hester Machin

We would love to have a postcard from you, wherever you are in the world, near or far.  The present pupils will be pinning the postcards from past pupils on to our World Map, so please send a short message to


All through the Year

MH School bookbags, PE kits and graduation Hoodies will be printed. Imogen Beeston


Autumn Term 

80th Anniversary Day – 13th September 2014

We’re planning to have a party at the school with cake, balloons and a speech. We’ll be sending up balloons, out to the world with tags on them for people to send back to us. We will have a bring and share tea for family and friends with a Ceilidh to follow. Bring your dancing shoes!  Adam Saunders will compose a piano piece for the school’s 80th anniversary, to be played at the celebration.


Learn a new Skill/ Craft at Michael House School

These workshops will be happening in the autumn term, dates tbc.

Lifedrawing Class– Imogen Beeston

Come and try out lifedrawing one evening in autumn term with our art teacher.

Knit an animal– Sigrid Black

Learn the basics of knitting an animal and sewing it up. Makes great birthday and Christmas presents.

Basket Weaving– Ian Black

A day workshop in the autumn half-term. Go home with your own willow basket!

Woodwork- Carving- Kris Nilsson

Felt Making- Julie Wyer

Make a beautiful rondel advent scene to get into the mood of Christmas.

Needlefelt a nativity scene- Sigrid Black

Make your very own small nativity scene to enjoy year after year.

Attend Heanor Christmas Lights on Fair- Imogen Beeston

This will be in the beginning of December. We’ll need a couple more people to help man the stall. Let me know if you can help.

Buy Teacher’s Christmas Cards– Sigrid Black

Order Christmas Cards done by teachers (and ex-teachers) from Michael House School. See website in early autumn.

80th Bags– Imogen Beeston

To be sold at the Advent Fair.

Printing new Carol Books– Ian Stephenson

The books are in need of renewal, funding will be necessary for this project.


Spring Term 

Quiz night with Pea and Pie Supper – Would you like to organise this?

1934 day– Children, teachers and parents

Summer Term 

A Weekend of Music– Ian Stephenson

Carnival– Denise Bryant

Celebrating the end of a great year by having one big party with a steel band, everyone in costumes (themes tbc. by class teachers). School day event, but we may well have the steel band stay for an evening event!