Message from Chair of Trustees : re Kindergarten and Nursery

Trustees are deeply saddened by the decision to close our beautiful Early Years provision at Michael House School last week. In March members voted for a managed closure to be implemented by way of an Administration process, rather than an immediate closure of the whole site. The recent closure of kindergarten and nursery has been a particularly painful part of that process. Unfortunately Kindergarten and Nursery were losing around £5,000 per month based on fees against salary costs alone, before taking into account the additional costs of overheads. Many options for alternative structures were explored but unfortunately the forecasts for every option showed a significant deficit. This was a financial burden that the administrators were unable to sustain within the constraints of their statutory obligations.

We recognise that this is a particularly difficult time for parents and staff alike. On behalf of the Board of Trustees I would like to ask parents to show consideration towards staff who are continuing to support the operations of the school and needs of its pupils within these difficult circumstances, whilst also being under notice of redundancies themselves. Please remember these staff do not have control of the decision making process, this is down to the Administrators; and whilst they do listen to the school’s and Trustees’ recommendations, the Administrators are acting as Officers of the Court and must have due regard to the law.

We understand that this is an upsetting time, however we cannot tolerate harassment, incitement, accusations or aggression levelled towards our staff or those working on behalf of the school, either online or in person. Regrettably there have been instances of such behaviour and we would like these to stop.  We have a duty of care towards our staff and they have a right to feel safe and secure when they come into work.

This is such a loss for everyone and a very difficult process to endure. Trustees will be happy to answer your questions where we can.

Yours sincerely

Ian Duffy

Chair of Trustees

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