Eurythmy performance at Iona School on Weds 8th May 2019 at 7.30pm

The programme ‘Listen to the Wind’ is built around the theme
‘Who are we?’ the title of Kathleen Raine’s poem that starts the programme. What is life bringing us, the relation to the past, present and future. In Nascuntur Poetae by Thornton Wilder we meet a soul about to be born, he is guided by 2 women who show him what is awaiting him in the life as a poet on earth. We meet the poet again later creating a rhythm and out of a rhythm a poem evolves. Denise Levertov was inspired to write her ‘Beginners’ during a time of nuclear uncertainty, there is still so much potential for the earth to be developed , we have only begun to love the earth, sending a strong message of hope. Music by Zoltan Kodaly, Peter Sculthorpe, Claude Debussy, Dimitri Shostakovitsch and Leos Janacek frame these texts.

The programme was created by the young stage group and
inspired by their search for identity and a common concern for what is
happening in the world and in us. 

The eurythmists come from different countries: Romania, the
Netherlands, Germany, China, Canada, Japan, Georgia. They have all recently
graduated, and wished to deepen their experience of artistic eurythmy at
Eurythmy West Midlands.

To book or reserve tickets to this wonderful performance
please contact Dominique on: or
ring 0115 9415295.

Tickets: £10/£7 students/unwaged

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