EGM Covering Letter and Agenda

Dear Members,

As has previously been communicated, the school was about to appoint administrators when there appeared to be an offer of financial support. As a result of this we paused the appointment so we could explore this offer more fully during which time other avenues were also explored.

This pause also enabled us to call an EGM to formalise our next step.

I can now confirm that despite these efforts, we have not secured satisfactory funding and trustees would like to proceed going into administration in order to keep operating until the end of the school year.

Directors have a statutory obligation to act in the interests of creditors of the company in the context of the company’s insolvency and to take such steps as they deem appropriate to do so. As such, it is within the trustees’ powers to decide to go into administration.

Nevertheless, we would like to give members the opportunity to express their support for this action through an advisory vote. The only alternative to going into administration is to close the school immediately and go into Liquidation.

The EGM will also be an opportunity to hear about further developments over the last week and to raise further questions as to what the future will hold.

The meeting will start promptly at 7.00 pm. There will be no late admittances.

Non-members of the association are welcome to attend the meeting but cannot take part in the vote.

If you cannot attend the EGM but would like to vote, please email with your name and voting preference.

Please see attached Agenda below

Kind Regards,

Ian Duffy

Chair of Trustees

Agenda for Extraordinary General Meeting

Date & Time: Wednesday 13th March 2019 at 7.00pm

Location: Main Hall, Michael House School


  1. Welcome and Apologies.
  2. Trustees Report on Current Situation.
  3. An Advisory Vote will be held to give members the chance to express their views as to the next step:
    1. That the Company should go into Administration with a view to keeping the school open to the end of the academic year; or
    2. That the Company should cease trading and close the school immediately.
  4. Question and Answer Session
  5. Close of meeting

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