Closure of Kindergarten and Nursery

Further to their appointment on 14 March 2019, the Joint Administrators have confirmed that they are closing the Kindergarten and Nursery at the Derbyshire‐based independent school Michael House and Rowans Day Nursery, effective from 4 April 2019.

A number of parents have recently removed their children from these areas of the school, or given notice of their intention to do so, and unfortunately it is not financially viable to continue with them.

Siann Huntley commented: “The actions of these parents are completely understandable in the circumstances. It is regrettable that this difficult decision has had to be taken. I would like to reassure parents that the main school will remain unaffected. We are committed to ensuring that the remaining pupils, and notably GCSE students, continue to receive the expected standards of education until the end of the school year.

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