New Business Manager

I know many of you were not able to attend the Whole School Meeting on Tuesday so I wanted to share one of the key announcements.

After careful reflection, we have decided that the role of School Manager as it is currently defined is far too onerous for one person and so we are going to appoint a Business Manager to work alongside and take over responsibility for all the financial and administrative aspects of the school. The two managers will work together as a team and report directly to trustees.

Ron Waddell will continue as School Manager and be able to focus his attention on the education within the school, ensuring we deliver a high quality Steiner education to pupils and supporting staff development .

Esther Hudson, who is currently a trustee is lined up as the new Business Manager. She will work as a volunteer for the remainder of this term during which time we will interview her and formalise her appointment ready for the start of term in the new year.  She will of course have to resign as a trustee to take up her new role.

Ron and Esther already know each other very well from Esther’s work as a trustee and they are both very much looking forwards to working together in their new roles.



Ian Duffy

Chair of Trustees

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