Love Your Bed!

We at the Garden Club are calling on all families to spare just one hour of your time after the Festival of Work on Saturday, to come together and tend to a bed of your choice in the garden.

I will be making a plan of the garden and numbering all the beds, I’ll leave this plan in the kitchen and so whilst you’re enjoying tea and cake after the festival, you will be able to choose your very own bed to love!

You can choose exactly how you would like to Love Your Bed, so if you have any seeds, cuttings, decorations, etc. anything that you would like to put in your bed, you can even make a label with your families name on to say who your bed has been loved by! Anything that is fun to do  and enjoyable for your children will be great. 

Our plan is not only to encourage the children to become more involved with our garden, because it’s fun and healing, but also because the garden is a huge and overwhelming job for us (two!) at the Garden Club and we would really appreciate a helping hand, and what better than to get the children to more fully appreciate the garden and the amount it needs tending to, and also to get them to more fully observe what is happening in our garden throughout the seasons, allowing them to feel more of a connection with nature and ultimately themselves. This is something that children of all ages can find valuable and rewarding.

We want this to be as pleasurable experience as possible, which is why we are only asking for an hour of your time, we do not want this to feel like an overwhelming task. 

Please be aware that this Saturday will be very chilly and so dress you and your children warmly; also, whilst we have tools in the garden shed, trowels, etc. are limited so please bring the tools you think you will need, along with some gloves (we have some but they are quite well worn). 

Adrian and Tracy will be available to show you around and help you out with anything you need on the day.

So come along, lets get together for an hour at 12 p.m. on Saturday and Love Your Bed!


Many thanks,


Helen @ The GC

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