“Spring into Spring” with our Spring Fair!

So some of you have been wondering…what is happening with this Spring Fair?

Well we’ve managed to finalize some items and here is an update…

11AM – 4PM


NURSERY  AND  PARENT AND TODDLER – Possible cream teas in nursery to raise funds directly for the room at the back – volunteers depending – lots of scones will be needed if this goes ahead!
KINDERGARTEN – Willow weaving crowns (and possibly other willow ideas?) – to help trim the willow in the garden at the same time.
CLASS 1 – Mother’s Day Cards
Mother’s Day Craft – plant related
Mother’s Day Craft – woven hearts with mini gifts
Food Hall
Nature Treasure Hunt (and related art activity)
Home Produce
CLASSES 9/10 –
Door and Raffle (and possible school stall?)
TEACHERS – Display of Pupils Work – Friends of Michael House School Forms

Please talk to your Class Rep about what help you can offer directly to support your class’s efforts.

If you are able to source donations of little plants, bulbs or small gift items that could be used in any of the crafts we would love to hear from you. Please contact Sue (Class 2 Rep) and Tere or Zoe (Class 3 Reps)

Of course we will need food hall donations! Sybille (Class4/5 Rep) will put a master copy up by Mrs Mistry’s desk and you could save some panic nearer the day by starting to fill it in early – just a thought!? (I always do the same recipe – white bean salad – as it saves me from having to think each fair.) We do not have a continental cafe this time but will sell slices of cake in the food hall so large cakes are also welcome.

Alternatively cakes can go in the home produce but please put a price on them so that we know how much you feel your cake is worth – ingredients can add up! Any thing that is ready early for the Home Produce please deliver to Mrs. Mistry who will collect for Sian (Class 7/8 Rep).

Finally Raffle Prizes…if you are able to source a good raffle prize that would be great! Please talk to Angie or Tracy to let them know what you can provide. They have offered to co-ordinate the prizes again – which is great because they did a grand job last time!

We are going to have the next fair meeting Friday 3rd March 2:15pm in the kitchen, mainly for key fair coordinators, but if you feel you are a wanting to get more involved then you are very welcome to attend!

We are trying to get the poster finished as soon as possible and once done we will need dedicated “poster pasters” for specific places. Please contact Zoe or Rachel Middleton (poster distribution coordinator) who will allocate you a place so we don’t waste time all trying to put posters up in the same places!

Thanks for your support in advance!
Let’s help the school buzz and thrive as we…Spring Into Spring!

Zoe Burns
07443 484226

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