School Restructuring – Letter to Parents/Carers

7 April 2017


Dear Parent / Carer,

An audience of 60 staff and parents met on Tuesday 4 April to hear from myself and trustees about the proposed re-structuring of the School in order to become financially viable in the future.

In simple terms the new structure will involve joint classes throughout the School from September.

There will be a Class 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and a single merged upper school class 9/10.

Collegiate and Trustees support this new structure as the best solution to move the school towards financial viability without, being dependent on a generous donation.

Details of proposed class teachers and details of how the transition to the new classes will take place will be distributed early in the summer term when the class teachers involved will meet with the relevant parents to discuss the changes and re-assure them that the model will work.

We are paying particular attention to a good transition for the new Class 1 and plans have already been discussed as to what support will be put in place.  We are also keen to explain the 9/10 joint class and how the GCSE curriculum will be managed within it.

At the meeting various questions were answered from the floor and we believe that most parents left re-assured.  We are also conscious that not everyone was able to attend and therefore the class level meetings in the summer term will be important to allow you to discuss any issues that you wish to raise.

Kind Regards,


Ron Waddell

School Manager

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