Mumps notification

I am writing to inform you that a case of mumps has been confirmed to us.

As mumps is a notifiable disease we have reported it to Public Health (England) and are now communicating with the parent body. We understand that many parents have strongly held views on the use of vaccinations and we fully respect these, nonetheless, Public Health (England) have advised that their advice is that children should be given the MMR vaccine and that this can be arranged with your GP. Your GP can also give you any other advice you might require.

The public health team have advised us that the incubation period after contact is usually 10 days to a fortnight, so since the Class 10 pupil involved hasn’t been in school since 13 June, then there will have been no chance of onward transmission from this source if your child is unaffected by 30 June.

Ron Waddell

School Manager

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