Martinmas Lantern Walk on Friday

Parents of younger children (class 4/5 and below) are warmly invited to our Lantern Walk this Friday afternoon – early evening, here at Michael House. To celebrate Martinmas, it is customary for our younger children of the school to join in a lantern – lit walk around our school grounds and a little into the Nutbrook Trail as part of this seasonal festival.

Parents and children are to meet in our Outdoor Classroom around the fire, after Friday Teas at around 4 pm, to enjoy a warm mulled juice as we gather and begin to sing.

The walk is gentle and quiet, save for the singing of our Martinmas song, enchanted by the twinkling lights of our lanterns. (may I respectfully ask that if you know you are a chatterbox, that you hang back to the end of the procession as not to interrupt the reverence of this special and quiet procession – thank you)

Please note that due to the fire and the walk off site, we cannot have any unaccompanied children present, for health and safety reasons.

Here are the words of the Lantern Song: (sorry, no music, but you will soon pick up the catchy tune)

I’m going with my lantern,
My lantern goes with me.
Up in the sky, the stars shine,
and down below shines me.

My light goes out, I must go home,
La bim a la bam a la bim
My light goes out, I must go home,
La bim a la bam a la bim.

Repeat this 2 verses, as you walk!

Saint Martin is remembered at this time of year as he brought comfort and hope to a beggar, when, with his sword he cut his own cloak in half to share with the shivering man. Later Christ appeared in a dream to him, wearing the half of the cloak, he had given away. This compassionate gesture is a symbol that serves to warm us, and protect us from wintery despair. (Excerpt taken from All year Round by Ann Druitt,Christine Fynes-Clinton and Marje Rowling)

Julie Wyer

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