Forest School

Forest school is running again this half term.

Please let Lauren know as soon as possible if you wish to join as she needs to organise a helper if there are lots of new pupils who wish to join.

It is open to children aged 7-12 but we recommend that Class 1 pupils do not attend this first term as big school is a busy new experience for them.

Forest school will run again after February half term when the days become longer again and the younger pupils will be that little bit older and more settled by then. We are aware that Class 5/6 now have a longer day on Monday and are looking into trying to move the day for future sessions however this is dependent on Lauren’s other commitments. I hope this answers a few of peoples’ questions.

Booking deadline: Friday 8th September 2017. Places are limited. For more information and/or to reserve a place please email:

View the Forest School Poster here

Zoe Burns liaison with Lauren Kinnersley.

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