Anthroposophical Talk by Richard Shaw

Saturday 25th November from 2pm to 4pm at School.

This began as an idea for a study group and morphed into the suggestion of a talk on the role of anthroposophy within the school, to the extent it may be helpful and important for parents to know about this. In pursuing this, we can also look at how anthroposophy may be relevant elsewhere in the world and how it has been so in the past; how it seeks to bring forth appropriate responses to contemporary issues.

A major objective will be to respond to your questions as much as present my own thoughts.

I realise this will take place after lunch on the same day as the Festival of Work and hope this will not be prohibitive for too many of you.

Best wishes,

Richard Shaw

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One Response to Anthroposophical Talk by Richard Shaw

  1. Daniel Bittleston said 2 years ago

    Wish I could be in your audience, Richard!

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