Thank you for a successful Community Day!

A big heartfelt thank you is sent out to all the people, big and small, who joined in with the Community Day on Sunday and made it such a special event. With such a good turn out, the school grounds were buzzing with activity and the lovely community spirit that we were hoping for.

We had gardeners digging and weeding and pond clearing and generally tidying up, frogs were masterfully saved from the strimmer, collected in a bucket and deposited in the pond by the group of little frog specialists that we had to hand – well done to all of you.

Then there were the volunteers that did an AMAZING job of sweeping all the sand back into the sandpit and clearing all the surrounding area; the plastic bottle greenhouse got completed and looks fabulous, and the front door received a new coat of paint!

Flowers were collected for decoration and all sorts of other behind-the-scenes jobs went on in order to make the school look its best. The area really was transformed, so well done and thank you to all those who helped out, it really was a beautiful and very special day.

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