Marketing and Publicity Team Message

Please help! We need both offers of time and money!

Time Offers Our current plans need people who can offer their time (even small amounts) for specific tasks as we have projects on the go needing more people to get them completed well. We have a variety of tasks so there will be something you have the perfect skills for. Even if you can only offer a few hours, that would be greatly appreciated, as we can focus a task for you specifically.

Money Offers We are looking at getting a new prospectus out very soon and need help with funding this project in particular. We also need to continue our targeted advertising in Lots for Tots and other local focus group magazines to highlight our forthcoming events. Even small amounts will be gratefully received.

Please don’t hold back. Even if you think you won’t be able to do much, if everyone can offer just a little help, then as a community we will be able to get a lot done!

Thank you so much.

Marketing and Publicity Team.

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