Advent Strings

The Advent Strings are an eagerly awaited seasonal tradition that we have here at Michael House and other Waldorf schools too.

They have a similarity to the advent calendar in as much as a little parcel is unwrapped every day until Christmas. The difference being, that the first parcel is unwrapped on the first Sunday of Advent (this year – the 27th November) and also that the contents, have connections to world at this time of year. So at the beginning of the string, the little gifts reflect the mineral world, then after a few days they change to reflections and connections to the plant world, then the animal world and then they culminate in the nativity, representing the spiritual and human realm.

Each tiny parcel is either gathered from nature or hand made/crafted by a member of our Michael House Community – including some of our pupils. Some simplistic in their beauty and others intricate and detailed and expertly crafted in minute detail – each one a surprise and a joy. They are appreciated equally by the young and the young at heart.

This year, 30 strings have been made (or rather approaching completion..the knitting needles are still clacking, glue is still drying and the last strings will be knotted very soon!) we are aiming for a record amount of fundraising from this project and hope that you will help. Our aim is to raise £600 in this crucial year, to help swell the school and help it raise its required totals. Therefore the cost of each string is £20

There are 28 little parcels tied to each string and that works out an average of 71 pence per gift. Some of these little precious parcels will adorn your nature table for years (I have a tiny needle felted Christmas pudding still, from the very first one I ever bought, some 13 years ago!)

If you would like to order one, please see Chanchal a.s.a.p. as they do tend to fly off the shelf. She will take your order, on receipt of cash or a cheque. (There was a particularly ugly year when I had to race down a corridor against another kindergarten parent to get the last one..I lost..but it was a lesson learnt – order quickly!!)

Thank you to all the community that continue to support this wonderful seasonal project, year after year.

Julie Wyer.
Parent and Teacher.

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