Quiz and Chips Night

So the New Year is here and gym memberships numbers increase, at least until mid February when it all seems a bit like hard work and a bit too sweaty! This striving to improve the physical, to work off that Christmas cake or those delicious jams purchased at the Advent Fair, is all well and good. BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THAT GREY FLABBY MATTER? (Just in case of any confusion, I am talking brains here!)

Having been bam-boozled by recycled cracker jokes and reruns of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, what you really need now is a challenge!

An event to sort the Einsteins from the Joey Essex’s. Something where the winner would have their triumph celebrated with a prize so fantastic it defies description. But where would you go for such a entertaining event…I hear you cry…

Why Michael House School of course….

Register your team by 29th January with Mrs Mistry

Up to 5 members in each team.

£5 entry per team.

£1 per bowl of chips.

Tea, coffee etc. available.

Prize for the winning team.

For more details see Liz Phillips

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