Hall revamp- this weeks plan! 

Hi folks, just wanted to keep you updated on the plans.
Myself and Julie Wyer will be going into school on Wednesday to start basic prep so that the majority of painting can be done on Thursday.
Thursday- painting all walls with lazure technique – 9- 5 plus a bring and share lunch.
We need painters and people to create scumble effect with sponges/ soft cloths.
I have bought glaze and paint colours so we could do with volunteers bringing brushes, sponges, soft cloths, dust sheets, tools, ladders and dust sheets- it’s a very messy job!
We will probably won’t get the woodwork done so I will pop back on Saturday morning at 10am and satin wood the woodwork and radiators ready for the start of term.
As you can see, this all requires a lot of help so if you are around on weds, Thursday or Saturday it will be greatly appreciated.
(This excludes plans for curtains but I’m hoping we can get them down on weds/ Thursday and re- hang new ones in the first week of term ready for the fair.)
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