Hall Makeover Success

A huge thank you!

Over the coming weeks of the new busy school term I’m sure most of you will get to see the newly redecorated hall which a band of parents, teachers and children worked on during the last days of the holiday. When I attended the school as a pupil , during the 90s, the school hall was white with blue curtains, much as it was up until this week.

With the help of the school community we have had this great chance to rejuvenate the walls with Waldorf-inspired lazure walls, fresh woodwork and radiators and the finished room looks beautiful!
Thanks to all the secret elves who came and cleared away the room, Julie and Hester who helped to mix paint before the big day and to the group of volunteers who came on Thursday to help.

With only a few minor incidents ( involving me mostly… And ladders) we managed to clean the whole room, paint a white basecoat of emulsion, lazure all the walls, paint the porch, paint all the radiators and pipes and finish the woodwork of the windows. The busy bee workgroup will be helping to put up the curtain poles ready for the new curtains.

It has been a really triumphant few days and I can’t wait for you all to see it!

Much thanks, Imogen Beeston

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