Class Eight Presentations

You know how it is in school. Your child/children are growing up through the classes and you’re vaguely aware of certain key periods when the higher classes are suddenly ‘doing things’ that they fund raise for and take lots of time preparing. I was always aware at this time of year, of the hall being filled with lots of interesting displays and talk of presentations and hard work and great achievements. Well now I know what it’s all about!

Last Wednesday and Thursday evenings saw the culmination of Class 8’s hard work in producing not only an in-depth report on a subject of their choice but also preparing a display and presentation about it too.

So all the families gathered to support the first 6 students on the first night, and 8 on the second.

The pupils had tackled the following (the order in which they presented):

Lexi – The History of Film

Rudi – Dirt BMX

Demi – Walt Disney

Florian – Video Games

Francis – Apes

Rowan – Trainspotting

Zach – World War 2

Jack – Scootering

Chris – Diabolos

Holly – Social Media

Martha – St John’s Ambulance

Tim – Street Art

Noah – The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Doreen – Horses

We initially drifted round the hall, enjoying the displays that only served to wet our appetites for the presentations to come.
And what a treat we all had. It would be wrong to pick out individuals, rather to say that what we heard and saw were 14 young adults evidencing moving on and growing in confidence, purpose, grace and passions for their chosen fields. It really was breath- taking to think that these were once little children in Class 1, at their first Festival of Work, shy, small, retiring, and stepping off into main school. Here we were now 7 years later, and we witnessed presentations that were informative, humorous, insightful and great fun! (I teach at University, and if some of my undergraduates presented as well as this, I’d be very happy!)

At the conclusion of each presentation, each pupil happily answered questions from the audience and all had grown through the experience, it was plain to see.

So massive congratulations Class 8, and well done Mrs. Bryant (who has to now mark the reports as well!) And thanks to Julie and the fundraisers for putting on lovely refreshments on both nights.

Next up for Class 8 is a production of The Comedy of Errors in June, which we hope you’ll all come to and then the Norway trip in July.

Now you know a little more, I hope you will look forward to your Class 8 projects and presentations when the time comes.

Huw Morgan – Class 8 Parent

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