Advent Fair Preparations

Preparations for the Advent Fayre have started early this year. There have been two initial meetings and, so far, the ball has started rolling along nice and smoothly. In the spirit of “forewarned is forarmed” we felt it would be best to let you know what you might be asked to help contribute to nearer the time. The allocations of class tasks are as follows: Kindergarten – Craft Activity and Card Making.

Class 1 – Gnome Gardens.

Class 2 – Food Hall Organisation.
Class 3/4 – Wreath Making.
Class 5 – Home Produce.
Class 6/7 – Gingerbread House.
Class 8/9 – Continental Cafe.
Class 10 – Door and Raffle.Although each class has  its responsibilities the request is out there for the whole school community to lend a hand as “many hands make light work!” So if your skills lie in jam making do feel free to make a few jars extra. Or baking quality cakes – we would love your signature cake for the continental cafe. If you are busy trimming back the garden right now then perhaps keep the ornamental seed heads etc to pass on to your class rep, who may be starting a secret stash, for the gnome gardens. Or if your skills are in bargain hunting and you see something ideal for wreath making and are happy to donate – e.g. cinnamon sticks, ribbon etc. The raffle will, of course, need some donations so please donate any good raffle prizes if you’re de-cluttering to make room for the seasonal influx – and if we have more than we can possibly raffle off then we might find someone to run a tombola?

We are also on the look out for someone who would love to “hold” the candle dipping as all the classes have a task and we felt it would be lovely to be able to offer this as an activity this year. We have one potential volunteer but are looking to support them with an another dipper or two.

If you have any needed skills, or you are able to help with a particular task, please let your class rep know and they will bring it to the next Advent Fayre meeting. Also, if you would like to be more involved in the planning of the Advent Fayre, the next meeting will be in the school kitchen on Tuesday 13th October at 1:45pm.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

The Advent Fayre Team

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