Tree House Project

Tree House project for class 10 will be legacy for future pupils

In less than 5 weeks time, we wave goodbye to our dear class 10 . How the time flies, it doesn’t feel that long ago since we saw their wonderful production of Romeo and Juliet.

In this term, following their exams, they are embarking on a fabulous project, that will leave their mark on Michael House and provide those children coming up through the school with a brand new play structure – a platform in the trees – not quite a tree house but a substantial open plan dwelling in the cherry tree next to the outdoor class- room. Big enough for many to play and also perhaps house a drawing or paint- ing lesson in the tree tops… or handwork …who knows? Class 10 will be carving, chopping, gouging and drilling. Measuring , lifting and a lot of heave hoeing. There are plans for wooden stairs up to the platform and a balustrade and hand- rail around the perimeter, just like Romeo and Juliet’s balcony.

At a later date there may be a rope ladder or a tyre swing incorporated too. Work starts on the 24th June for 4 days and following that, every Monday and Tuesday until the end of term. They will be under the guidance of Mr Nilsson our woodwork teacher.

Just like a play or a school trip these large projects form an important part of the older class experiences at our school. By pooling ideas, learning to listen to others, problem solving,the classes build on their rela- tionship as a team, growing stronger on many levels, gaining new life skills. Previous classes over the years have , in these final weeks of term , put on plays – remember the Importance of Being Earnest? One class had a trip to Wales facing fears and challenges (having fund raised as a class and individually for weeks in advance to make this possible) Only recently class 9 as part of their 3 week farming residential at Trinity farm, built a bridge, putting into practice skills they have been taught over the years, in such a worthwhile accomplishment.

Throughout a Waldorf education, the curriculum is peppered with enriching activities that not only enhance the school environment but nourish the soul too. Lime kilns, bread ovens, life size mosaics, and hands on engineering workshops all tie into main lessons as the children learn through doing. Through cross curricular learning, class 10 will put into practice maths and science with Pythagoras and pulleys as they bring to life the theories in their books. Dextrous fingers encouraged over the years in art and handworks knitting and sewing will carefully paint within the carved lettering that will adorn the structure. We hope to document the journey in words and pictures as it unfolds.

Please watch this space!

Julie Wyer. Handwork Teacher. 

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