Playground Resurfacing

You may already know that we have been given a very generous donation by one family of £12,000 specifically for the resurfacing of the play ground. We then applied for gift aid on the donation and got that too and now have a grand total of £15,250.

Over recent year we have patched it and filled it but the time has come to fix it once and for all.

We need just £3000 more to get the playground re-tarmacked over the summer. 

Our suggestion is, assuming there are 100 families at the school,  how about each family gives £30 donation to get the job done?

We know that that times are tough but this is a one off project from which ALL our children will benefit from now and in the future.

Two families have already given £30 since the plea went into the newsletter, please keep them coming.

We sincerely hope you agree and can help by leaving your donation at reception in an envelope for the attention of the Buzy Bee’z


The Busy Bees Team

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