Help for New Hall Curtains

We have had a wonder ful and very generous donation of fabric given to us by a family to make new curtains to replace the rather tired and dilapidated ones in the school hall. Literally yards and yards and yards of beautiful green corduroy.

My plan is to organise a day to make the fabric into curtains. (maybe set some sewing machines up in the hall itself and hang them as we go). Is anyone up for the challenge – its a mammoth task for one person but as a team..with refreshments and a bring and share lunch… could be fun??!!

Whilst on the subject, the curtains would close easier I think, if we replace the old curtain tracks with poles and wooden curtain rings. Enough curtain rings for 12 lots of curtains is quite a tall order – anyone any ideas or contacts? Please come see me if you can offer help in any way, shape or form. Many thanks
Julie Wyer – Parent
and Handwork Teacher 07548 519610 

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