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Hi all!
So much has been done and we thought a little catch up would be good. The “busy Bee’s” have been hard at it since September last year completing jobs that the weather has permitted us to. Mostly working in doors finishing off areas of loft insulation resulting in the school hall now being completed. On the subject of the weather, the wind and rain does mean more leaves need sweeping on a regular basis so this seems to be a Job for us every Monday plus trying to keep the drains clear. A thankless job but necessary just the same.
We have had to put on hold any painting as in these darker wetter month it does not dry so well. However since September we have completed 81 jobs, some small some large, the larger being helped along by the great and lovely folks who help out at the workdays. On the subject of workdays we have decided to start them up again March ish (depends on the weather again), as by then some of the work needed outdoors should be able to be tackled.
We are still working every Mondays, slowly but surely tackling the to-do lists , so if you feel like joining us please feel free and you will be most welcome. Even if you can only give an hour here and there it all helps.

Our current To-Do list:

  • Replace corporate signage to wood to reflect school ethos of creating form (using existing signs previously removed) no cost- just workers/labour needed.
  • Resurface playground. A parent is looking into the company they work for completing work as a charitable gift.- We now have more money as we have received gift aid (see financial statement).Negotiation still in progress very hopeful of a positive outcome very soon.
  • Sanding down the paintwork at nursery and kindergarten.- Just workers/labour needed.
  • Repainting all the kindergarten and nursery.- Just workers/labour needed.
  • Signage for all the kindergarten buildings. Just workers/labour needed.
  • Chestnut kindie – rain leaks under door into kindie needs weather strip fitting also need money for part – got the weather strip (money donated by a parent) just needs fitting. – Just workers/labour needed
  • Main hall curtains on stage and windows needs new tracking- Needs fittings and workers/labour
  • Outside light not working in kindi -need a new bulb to test it and workers/labour
  • Put rail up for wall covering in art room for Imogen (Art teacher)- Just workers/labour needed
  • Chairs in class rooms need repairing- Just workers/labour needed
  • Re-line the playground – need liner paint and workers/labour
  • New gate for outdoor classroom needs making and fitting -Just workers/labour needed
  • Build wooden housings for all outdoor bins- Just workers/labour needed
  • Auto door closer needed on main entrance blue door- Need material and worker/labour
  • Racking needed in hall for gym mats, and warehouse for storage- needs making
  • Maypole need some TLC- Needs worker/labour
  • Shelves needed for warehouse corridor to display craft work and art exhibits – Shelves needmaking and labour/worker
  • All guttering needs clearing and repairs- Cherry picker for the job plus labour/workers.

Environmental projects, Grant and Fund Raising Plans

Fund raising will consist of applying for external grants from charitable and governmental bodies. This can begin as soon as an up to date business plan is produced, estimated time of completion of plan is March. Due to Satu ‘s brilliant efforts we have now got a further £3250 towards to the play ground from gift aid. One of our top priorities is replacing the existing roofs on the warehouse and Kindi. The warehouse roof has been repaired to see us through so that we can organise fund raisers and apply for grants for this project. However Kindi roof is in desperate need of this work. We are doing a sponsored swim and has other plans to help, plus grant applications.  Biomass boiler- the trustees and environmental team has now seen three companies and are waiting for quotes from two to progress this project.
Any free help with expertise/labour or materials for all our project and current to-do lists is most welcome.
We wish you a very happy New Year, Kindest Regards,
Richard Maceanruig, Deb and Mike Lynch (all parents) and New Richard Beeston (grandparent).
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