Children’s Ideas for the 80th

Here are some ideas for the 80th Anniversary Year from children of our school.

  • Bake 80 cupcakes to sell.

Kindergarten Festival 2008-13

  • Do a charity run- raise £80 each.

Drama and Gym Visit to Rudolf Steiner House 2012-3

  • Break a world record. (Have you got an idea for which one?)
  • Invite 80 year old people, perhaps grandmas and granddads to our school.
  • Do 80 ‘Simon says’.
  • Do an 80 legged race.
  • Create a figure of the number 80 out of the whole school standing in the playground.

End of Summer Term 2013-5

  • Do a treasure hunt with 80 clues.
  • Do an 80 mile walk split into classes e.g. Kindergarten a mile each, class 1 (2 miles), class 2 (3 miles), class 3 (4 miles) etc. up to class 10.

Class Nine - Fossil Walk - 2013-22

  • Set 80 balloons off in Shipley Park.
  • Plant 80 trees.
  • Make bunting saying ’80’.
  • Make a banner saying ’80 Years Michael House School’.
  • Set 80 lanterns off in air.
  • Grow flowers in the shape of 80.


  • Have 80 people in a choir singing.
  • Have 80 people painting.
  • Make 80 ginger bread houses.
  • Sports Day- 80 second hide and seek, 80 obstacles, 80 gate orientating.
  • Cycle 80 miles.
  • Play 80 second hot potato.
  • Do 80 string doughnut bobbing.
  • Bake an 80 cm pizza.

Food Fayre 2013-27

  • Make a photo of the people at the school forming ’80’.
  • Do an 80 question quiz.
  • Do an 80 clue treasure hunt- map of school.
  • Have an 1934 dress up day.
  • Make and fly 80 kites.
  • Have 80 people playing recorders at the same time.
  • Everyone could read ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.
  • Have 80 people do a sponsored skydive for the school.
  • Sponsor the plantation of 80 oak trees to signify strength.

Outdoor Classroom 2013-3

  • Have an 80th Funfair.
  • Decorate the school.
  • Set off 80 fireworks.

Class Ten - St Johns Fire - 2012-11

  • Make a massive bonfire.
  • Have a big party, with music, games and lots of food
  • Put teachers in stocks and throw wet sponges at them.
  • Have all the teachers to dress up in animal costumes for the day and people to sponsor them.
  • Have 80 people do 80 laps for 80 days in playground.
  • 80’s cabaret.
  • Achieve a world record attempt at the most people doing a ‘B’ gesture in eurythmy.
  • Light 80 candles in the shape of 80.

Some of the ideas can be done within school, others need parental and other support to happen. If you’d like to help make any specific things happen, please contact Sigrid Black or Imogen Beeston. You are welcome to help with time and energy or money.

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