Alumni – Facebook Cascade

Michael House School will be 80 years old in September 2014.  As part of our 80th Year Birthday celebration we are trying to gather together email addresses of past pupils using a ‘cascade’ method on Facebook. We’re sure that many of our past pupils are members of Social Media Networking sites so would like to ask you to pass this request onto your friends from Michael House School and send your email address, name (including the name you were known as when at Michael House School) and the years you were at the school to

Once we’ve got email addresses we’d like to add these to a database and ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your time at the school. Email addresses and personal information will not be published.

If you have friends who are not on email it would be great if you could ask them if they would agree to their addresses being passed to us at the above email address.

Find out more on our Facebook Page.

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