Work Morning 21st September 2013 – a review

The day started at 9am with the lovely Melanie opening school, and the first job was to put the kettle on to make tea and coffee to help spur the first arrivals in to action. Soon windows were being cleaned, the kitchen was being given a good going over, and painting began, whilst children were speeding around on bikes and scooters.

The sound of lawn mowers heralded more arrival’s, with a couple of extra fella’s to help with the painting of the garden room wall. This inspired the activation of the kettle for a well-earned elevenses cuppa and bikkies for all. The parents worked through the break with drinks in hand, as the children hoovered up all the remaining biscuits, no surprise there.

The morning ebbed and flowed with families arriving and leaving at different times, however over all we had eleven families show up (from Kindie and teachers too) to tackle the to-do list.
The results can be seen throughout the school, inside and out, and to top it off one parent said, “I’ve not been for a while and I’d forgot how really rewarding it is and I’ll be doing it again soon”.

It only remains to say a big thank you to everyone who does anything for the school at anytime, and all who came in on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd.
From the all the Environmental Team.

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