Work Day Schedule

13/07/2013 Work day task list…

This list will be on display so that you can pick a task. In addition it will help to give some indication of what tools/cleaning materials you may need to bring with you to help complete your chosen tasks:

Start 9am.

Could someone with a van or trailer please bring it in to remove all none bin-able rubbish

Finish outdoor classroom fencing. We have purchased the materials to complete job.

Paint the front of the garden room wall where the render/pebble dash has been taken off. We have the paint.

Cut the grass.

Weed and sweep paths.

Clean windows and paintwork front and back of main building.

Weed the flower beds around the playground.

Weed all the edges of playground.

After use please ensure you return all school equipment to where you got it.

Ensure all areas worked on are clear and safe for our children’s return to school.

Finish 1pm for a picnic lunch (bring and share) then on to the festival of works.

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