The Michael Hall Olympic Games

Each year Michael House School takes part in the Olympic games at Michael Hall Steiner school in Sussex.

Set over three days these games are a feast of physical activity that enhance and work with the themes that run throughout the year in the class five curriculum.Arriving on Wednesday the children set up camp and are then told in which team they will be placed, however each team is takes the name of one of the Greece city states and is made up of children from all the schools present. Normally about forty schools!

On Thursday morning the children meet their “Arcon” the leader of their city and then over the course of that day and the next they train in the nine disciplines of the ancient games: Discus, javelin, long jump, high jump, marathon, mini marathon, relay, dash and wrestling.On Saturday the children change into all white clothing and put on their toga’s and take part in a beautiful opening ceremony where the Olympic torch is lit. Then the games begin.

The emphasis of the whole week is on the grace, style and effort that each child can put into each activity, striving to do their best not to be the best.After the games are concluded there is a medal ceremony followed by the official closing of the games and then a feast is enjoyed by all.

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