The Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team

– a new team was formed on Tuesday 16th April.

This comprises-  Kirsty Hind, Lindsay Billsborough, Sigrid Kleinjans, Rachel Caunce. The remit of the team is to enable, assist, guide and co-ordinate fundraising activities within the school community and we are very open to ideas from others. Please contact us personally or by letter which can be left at the reception.

We considered priorities and will be working on the following to begin with: Ensuring money for roof insulation is sufficient so that it can be fitted.

Promoting the 200 club widely.
Making lists of former pupils, for an Alumni group.
Looking at best ways of using money raised from Gym, Choir, Colour, mood and form groups.
Exploring possible links to Home Education groups as a way of further income.
Finding out more about rules and possibilities for busking, market stalls etc.

We will continue to update you and hope you will be able to support the school in a variety of fundraising activities, spreading the load.

Rachel Caunce

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