Sand for the School Sandpit

During half term Minka, Romy and I came across some wooden/metal spades and rakes at one of the pound shops in Derby. We bought some for home and some for school and they seem to be bearing up well to the use they are getting. The children are out for two play times a day and are very interested in using the sand pit. Children in classes 1 to 6 seem to be most interested in the sand pit and are digging with what is there but I was wondering if families would consider helping the school obtain more sand. I am happy to co-ordinate a bulk purchase if enough donations of money are received. The other alternative is to buy a bag of sand when you are out and add it to what is currently there. A bulk order will be more cost-effective but does involve enough funds being received to finance a delivery.

If you would like to make a financial contribution please give it to Mrs Mistry who will collect whatever is received and when I have enough to make a bulk order I will do that. If you wish to bring a bag of sand to school please bring it to the front desk (during school hours) otherwise just add it to the deep large sandpit (not the long jump) out of school hours. It would be lovely to see more sand in the sand pit so whatever we can manage as a school community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

Zoe Burns (Teacher and Parent)

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