Roof Insulation Work Day – Saturday 9th November

The school hall and kitchen are being used for a talk on this day, so anyone generously giving of their time and coming to the workday, please come to the after school club/garden café. That’s the building in the outdoor classroom area. There you will find the usual welcome and fresh coffee and tea will be on offer.

9am start
Fuddle at 1pm (a celebration for loft insulation arrival).
Finish when ever (some of us work into the afternoon so turning up after 1pm is ok too).
As usual, we have quite a few tasks to tackle and helpers with tools are always very much needed, so here is a list of job you may be able to help with on the day.

Workday task list

Six people needed to lay loft insulation in main building. (Protective clothing, mask etc will be provided). Two people needed to lay loft insulation in Kindie.
Chestnut Kindie – guttering above door leaking, rain leaks under door into Kindie, children’s hand basin leaks onto the floor, outside light not working.

Fence panel in Kindie play area needs repairing.
Nursery- several skirting boards have fallen off and fixing back on, need a weather strip to external door, some radiator covers are missing, sealant around sink needs replacing.

Two loo brushes needed for warehouse (can anyone help supplying us with these). Clean window inside and out in after school club.

Clean all paintwork inside and out in after school club.
Cutting back all shrubbery outside downstairs classroom windows.
Cutting back all shrubbery outside main hall doors.
A fire needs starting in the wood and tending.
Sweep up all leaves throughout the school and put on fire.
We have drain clearing rods to help clear all drains need someone to do the job. Cut grass weather permitting.
Back entrance area to mother and toddler need clearing.
Trim hedges on drive leading to Kindie both side.

This is just a few of the jobs on our list and your help is really needed to improve the appearance of the school, not only for an imminent Ofsted inspection but also for our open evenings and guided tours, which will hopefully bring more fee paying pupils to our school. Please help where you can.

Looking forward to another great workday – The Buzy Bee’s. (Richard M, Richard B, Mike, & Deb).

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