Performance Trip to Rudolf Steiner House

This weekend our family had a day out in ‘The Smoke’… ‘Old London Town’… and what a day!!

This day was a culmination of months of practicing the wonderful gymnastic display that we as a school had the chance to see last week and take it to Rudolf Steiner House in London, where an Open Day for Adolescents was taking place.

This was the first gathering of this kind, where upper school children from all over the UK come together and just like in a festival of work, show and share their work with each other. This Sunday saw the final day of a conference that some of our upper school teachers attended and this finale was an amazing ‘bring and share’ of drama, music, eurhythmy, singing and of course gymnastics.

Mrs. Machin also took 4 of her drama pupils who performed the piece that the children were lucky enough to see last week too.
ALL of the gymnasts and most of their families travelled to London, there were over 20 of us on our train, we took over the whole carriage!! When we arrived at the beautiful building that is Rudolf Steiner House, we met up with many more familiar faces. (My count is 52 from Michael House comprising of pupils, teachers and families..Wow!!).

The children were amazing. The drama kicked off our contribution and was fabulous, so full of energy and complimented exactly what the day was all about, showcasing an education that works with children from the inside – out. Then the gymnastics, again, spectacular.
We really put ourselves on the map on Sunday, for those who may not have heard about the school ‘oop north’ hidden on the outskirts of Shipley Park… they know now!!

As the day progressed, we saw wonderful displays from other schools: Kings Langley, Wynstones, Michael Hall and the St Michael Steiner Schools. Beautiful singing, and a variety of drama and the whole day on the stage ended with a fabulous folk band made up of class 10 pupils from Kings Langley.

In other parts of the venue, there were beautiful displays of written work and talks going on throughout the day. Not to mention various workshops. Jack and I sampled the Art workshop and had a lovely hour using different techniques to draw in charcoal.

All in all, the day was a huge success on many levels. Our children had a wonderful day, not just with each other, although that I think was the highlight for them, but also to see and meet others with so much in common. To visit a place with great familiarity although they’ve never been before…Our school was represented wholeheartedly and stood out I think (but I may be a bit biased here!) with its great energy, enthusiasm and imagination.

Julie Wyer (Parent)

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