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Hello from the Parent Liaison Group! We are looking for someone to take on the task of:-

A: moving the noticeboard in the library to the kitchen area / Friday teas venue, in the main school building, where it will be seen a lot more readily by parents etc.
B: creating a notice board with glass or preferably non-breakable Perspex doors, on legs, to be positioned outside the hall entrance. Again this is a more accessible area to parents, visitors etc.
If anyone, or a group of people, has the know-how and inspiration then please let us know and please go ahead with this!

The Parent Liaison Group now consists of Aisha Kay, Cheryl Winter, Zoe Ruwette and Sian Parish. There is now a suggestions box in the foyer where you can leave details of any issues you may wish to discuss.

Our aim, in conjunction with the other groups in the school, such as the Class Reps, SMT etc., is to make sure that the ship of our school keeps its parts well-oiled and running smoothly, in terms of communication with parents!

We look forward to hearing from you! The Parent Liaison Team

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