My class trip to the Gower

My class went to the Gower in Wales with Mrs Winter and Dan Starbuck, a parent of a class member, where we planned to have a chilled week of sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the sea and different outdoor activities.

Luckily for us, Nicola Smith, to whom we are truly grateful, managed to sort out many activities and lower their prices in order to make them more affordable for us. Within the week we did: horse riding, surfing, kayaking and some people did other activities like archery and holding birds of prey.

The horse riding came with a surprise, as Grif Rhys Jones from ‘Three Men in a Boat’ called up asking whether he was able to come along just 5 minutes before we set off on our horse ride. He came on our horse ride with his camera crew, as they were making a documentary on Wales. Because he wanted to make sure it was filmed well and they had enough footage, he asked whether we could go loop round again which also made our journey a little longer and I think it’s quite safe to say none of us minded that! Although I thoroughly enjoyed the kayaking as I always have, I found surfing to be the most exciting and entertaining event. I found it nicely challenging and eventually I was able to stand up and ride the waves relatively well as did some others in my class.

We also went on many coastal walks including going along Worms Head. On the last night some of us went for a walk along Rhossili beach after a very nice meal for Elliot’s 17th birthday. Now, while starting the walk, we guessed how long the beach was, some said 1 mile, some said 1 and a half miles, so we weren’t expecting it to be a 3 and a half mile trek there and back! But it was well worth it.

I would like to say on behalf of my class a huge thank you to Mrs Winter for taking us on the trip and to Nicola, who did a lot of work towards the trip and got us astounding deals; what is your secret? And I don’t know what we would have done without our chauffer, Dan, who was brilliant fun and has been a professional regular on our class trips.

Ollie Green (Pupil)

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