Michael House School 200 Club

The main function of this club is to raise funds for specific projects/purposes suggested mainly by teachers.

This has been running for several years now and has raised funds for a number of areas, including:- copper rods for Eurythmy, pans for the school kitchen, folding tables for displays and other uses, bed for sick room, books, Gym equipment and repairs, equipment for workdays, teacher training, boiler suits for gardening/craft lessons. It has funded cultural events at school such as Storytelling and Eurythmy performance. It has also from time to time paid in sums, ranging from £200 to £1,000 to school funds. The club’s members are asked to commit for at least a year (see form) and pay by standing order. There is a chance to win a cash prize and the greater the membership the higher the prize and money for school. So please join or perhaps encourage relatives to join. Forms are available in this newsletter or can be obtained via reception.

Anna Martin takes care of the banking and cheque signatories are Jenny Green, Rachel Caunce and Julie Wyer.

Rachel Caunce

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