Michael House Association AGM

All parents and carers of Michael House School are warmly invited to the AGM of Michael House Association on Tuesday 10th December, 7pm to 8pm, at the School.


1. Introduction to School Management Team (SMT)

2. Presentations of Trustees

3. Vote in new Trustees

4. Presentation of Accounts by Chris Jubb – MHS Accounts 2012

a) Any questions on Accounts

b) Ratification of Accounts by members.

5. Report by SMT

6. Report from Trustees

7. Questions

8. Close of meeting


Please note, if possible, can you please submit your questions to SMT by the 3rd December. smt@michaelhouseschool.com


8.15pm to 9pm – OPEN MEETING

1. Associative Leadership

2. Support Teams

3. Moving Forwards

4. Date of next meeting


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