Martinmas Festival

The Michael House School Community are kindly invited to join us in our celebrations for the Martinmas Festival on Tuesday 12th November at 4:30pm. Yes it is a day late but there were technical difficulties with Monday! We will be meeting in the little garden at the car park side of the school to light our lanterns and learn some songs before we all set off on a slow, gentle and reverent walk through the woods. We would ask that conversation is kept to a minimum for the length of the walk as the younger children, especially, take in that beautiful reverent mood with wonder and delight. However, we would love you to join in with our Martinmas songs for the duration of the walk if your voices can keep that up!

La Bimba La Bamba La Bim

I’m going with my lantern, My lantern goes with me,

And up above the stars shine, And down below shines me,

My light goes out, I must go home,
La Bimba, La Bamba, La Bim Bim Bim,

My light goes out, I must go home, La Bimba, La Bamba, La Bim.


Days are shorter, nights are longer, Autumn winds are blowing stronger, but… … I’ve a lantern gleaming bright,
To find a way through darkening night.

As through winter’s night you pass and Angry stormclouds hide the stars
still you’ll see my tiny spark
shine before you in the dark.

Glimmer Lantern Glimmer

Glimmer Lantern glimmer,
Little stars a-shimmer,
Over meadow moor and dale,
Flitter flutter elfin veil,
Pee-wit Pee-wit Tick-a-tick-a-tick Roo-coo roo-coo

Glimmer lantern glimmer,
Little stars a-shimmer,
Over rock and stock and stone,
Wander tripping little gnome,
Pee-wit Pee-wit Tick-a-tick-a-tick Roo-coo roo-coo

Spindle Wood

Spindle Wood, spindle wood, will you lend me, pray, A little flaming lantern to light me on my way?
The fairy folk have vanished from the meadow and the glen,

And I would fain go seeking till I find them once again. Oh, lend me please a lantern that I may bear a light,
To find the hidden pathway in the darkness of the night

There is more…

When we return to school we will congregate in the garden again for a final song or two and then proceed to the kitchen where hopefully we will be able to have a feast of warming goodies. The more donations, the more we will have to go round, so, please feel free to bring donations of soup, harvest related cakes (maybe an apple cake or pumpkin pie?) and apple juice for warm spiced apple cider. We should have our serving team of volunteers by then?! Also a few dedicated cleaning up folk would be much appreciated. Please see previous newsletter request.

No dogs please – Finally a gentle request that dogs do not partake in the lantern walk as last year a few little ones were very scared and had to go home.
Thank you for helping to make this a wonderful event for our children. We look forward to seeing you there.

Zoe Burns (Teacher and Parent) Imogen Beeston (Teacher and Parent)

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