Martinmas Festival Thank You

Thank you to all the helpers who stepped in to make the Martinmas Festival such a wonderful evening! Thank you to the tea light setters – how delightful it was to see the path a-glow in the darkening night! Well done to those of you who managed to keep the mood and sing so beautifully. We will keep on learning our songs and try to know them better for next year. Thank you to the soup, cake and hot apple cider makers. Thank you to those of you racing to warm up the food and drinks ready for us when we arrived back at school. Thank you to those who helped serve it in the dark. (We will aim to place the tables near the lighted windows next year.) A BIG thank you goes to the really dedicated parents of small folk who stepped in, and, as you do with small children, raced to get the clearing up done! I hope the little ones weren’t up too late.

In keeping with the sentiment of St Martin providing shelter to the beggar man at the gates of the city, we

made a small collection after the walk for the Haiyan Typhoon Disaster Fund. We raised nearly £30 which was generously added to by others to make £50 and then matched by the government, through their scheme, raising in total £100 for the disaster relief.
So let’s try and remember this will come up again next year. It would be lovely to really build on the festival to make it what we as a community would like it to be. Early volunteering of your support would be helpful so just let me know how you would like to help next year.
Thanks again,
Zoe Burns (Teacher and Parent)

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