Loft Insulation is Arriving!

Yippee !!! Loft insulation delivery day has arrived.
The loft insulation has now been ordered and will be delivered 9.30am 21st October.
We are currently organising a work party for the above date, to chain the insulation into the loft.Its the first Monday of half term, so hopefully you can help, as loads of volunteers are required for this challenging task. We are asking for teacher’s, parent’s and older students (class’s 9 &10) to please give generously of your time to help us achieve this long awaited goal of getting the insulation in the loft. (laying the insulation will be done on a separate day).
Equipment needed goggles, face masks, gloves and overalls.  Up for a free workout and want to help, then please let us know ASAP.
Thanks, The Buzy Bee’s
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