Host Families Required For Visiting Students

PLEASE HELP – This is an appeal to the school community for families to host visiting students. We receive quite a lot of enquiries from foreign students (often from Germany, usually from Steiner schools), looking to spend some time within the Michael House School community. This is potentially a good source of money for school funds, and as a family, willing to welcome a young person into your home for a while, YOU WILL RECEIVE £110 PER WEEK.

We feel it’s a great thing to do – aside from the money, it provides an opportunity for people to make friendships with people from other countries and experience some of the cultural and language differences – broadens the mind!!
What we are endeavouring to do is to compile a list of interested families so that if a student decides to come and visit, then we will have folk to call upon so please consider it – YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS YOU (AGAIN!). It could be fun and the money is always useful.
If you have any questions, please ask either myself or Hester Machin, or one of the other parents who have already hosted (eg Jeanne Heppell). We hope that you are able to help by offering this.
Kind Regards,
Gillian Parrish (Parent)
(Member of the Visiting Student Team)

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