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Hi All,

The “Busy Bee’s” have been at work during the summer holidays and hard at it during the first week back at school. So much has been done and we thought a little catch up would be good.

Let us begin with the last workday; well we saw many new faces plus two teachers. We managed to clean the window and weed at the front of the building, the remaining fence post were sunk into the ground ready for panelling. We broke the back of the painting of the remaining warehouse wall, the garden was decorated to celebrate the retirement of Mrs.Caunce and Mrs Clarke and the drive was cleared and weeded.

To top off the morning, all 10 families came together to share a fuddle before the festival of works. This brought a community atmosphere to the day, bringing back some of the values held by the Steiner ethos. There are two bits of wonderful news to pass on to you all, the first is that all the fund raising money for the leaking roof has now been spent on plugging the main flow of water through the warehouse and wood craft room. There are still a few minor cracks to block, but it is all in hand and nothing a few new slates won’t resolve. The second is that, due to a large donation from a family, we now have the funds for insulating for the majority of the school, which will be laid before the winter reducing our hefty heating bills and more importantly keeping our children warm.

Moving forward into our next school year and whilst the weather is good to us, we are working Mondays plus Tuesday and Wednesday morning, slowly but surely tackling the to-do list however, we really appreciate the push that work days give us. Just a gentle reminder that the next one is Saturday 21st, 9am- 1pm. The day’s tasks are attached to help with any materials you may need to bring to help the day go smoothly.

To bring you up to date with what has been done since the last newsletter;
We have registered with a paint-recycling store and can now make use of this facility to complete paint works. Although this can limit our chose of colour at least it’s free.

Completed/ in progress so far;

Repainting “after school club” building – nearly completed just a bit of glossing to do. Compost heap taken away from front of school. No cost and completed.

Exterior walls surrounding reception repainted to draw visitors to the main entrance and to create a good first impression. As the old saying goes, “you never get a second chance to create a good a first impression”. Cost of paint £90 so far-. Need more paint from paint-recycling store.

Some of the areas in the woods to be cleared.

Warehouse exterior wall-nearly finished just need the help from the workday to push it on.

In addition, many maintenance jobs that constantly need attention E.G. weeding, sweeping, window cleaning, tree felling, grass cutting and many more. Thank you to all who do these jobs regularly.

Works- To-Do List

Replace corporate signage to wood to reflect school ethos of creating form (using existing signs previously removed) no cost; just workers/labour needed.

Replace Fencing around outdoor classroom with curved panels and some new posts to reflect the school ethos of creating form. Nearly complete workers/labour needed.

Clear the fire exits in the warehouse to comply with health and safety reg’s. No cost; workers/Labour needed.

Cleaning up the woods as these will be part of the “new parents” guided tour plus it is a job that can be done at no cost to the school; just workers/labour required.

Resurface playground. A parent is looking into the company they work for completing work as a charitable gift. Negotiation still in progress very hopeful of a positive outcome.

Tarmac car park and drive ways. Attending open meeting with “Shipley Development”. See if they can offer us support for this project .

Insulate main school loft. Quote in and passed, just waiting for £1000 anonymous donation then we can order the loft insulation, plus help needed to get the insulation in to the loft space (120 rolls a big job).

Seal all roof leaks. Roofing contractor been in and resurfaced the ‘valley’. Follow up visit is planned (total £576).

Renovate the old pottery room to create more classroom facilities. Needs to be discussed with S.M.T. We will update on this project in next communication.

Sanding down the paintwork at nursery and kindergarten. Just workers/labour needed. Repainting all the kindergarten and nursery. Just workers/labour needed.

Signage for all the kindergarten buildings. Just workers/labour needed.

Move airbrick that is blocked in kindergarten. Just workers/labour needed.

Need an ‘A’ board making for advertising nursery and kindergarten places. Found and ‘A’ board need to organise new plastic covers and publicity from marketing team.

Build Staffroom mezzanine floor. We will be doing a sponsored swim for funds soon. Environmental projects, Fund Raising Plans

Fund raising will consist of applying for external grants from charitable and governmental bodies. This can begin as soon as an up to date business plan has been produced. A meeting with all mandates to compile content of the business plan is taking place 8/10/2013.

We shall also be attending an open meeting with “Shipley Development” (old American adventure site) to promote our school.

We have also had an offer of financial support from a parent to support a major maintenance project. Negotiations are taking place now as to how this will progress. Update in next edition.

Work Day 21/10/2013

All our “work days” have all had a positive impact on the school environment and all who take part, we would like you to know about the first workday of the school year which Saturday 21st September. It would be lovely to have all hands on deck to complete the current to do list, see list below, as this will be useful mainly to give some indication of what tools/cleaning materials you may want/need to bring with you to help complete the day’s tasks.

Work day task list…

-Could someone with a van or trailer please bring it in to remove all none binale rubbish -Finish outdoor classroom fencing.
-Finish painting the front of the garden room/warehouse pebble dashed wall.
-Cut the grass.

-Weed and sweep paths.

-Clean all windows and paintwork front and back of main building.
-Weed the flowerbeds around the playground.
-Weed all the edges of playground.
-Paint white staff front entrance door.
-After use please ensure you return all school equipment to where you got it. -Ensure all areas worked on are clear and safe for our children’s return to school.page6image30008 page6image30168

Environmental Team Financial Report

Donated by

Amount in

Amount Out

Used for

Total remaining spent from last statement remainder



Paint brushes and material for work day 13/7/2013

Mrs Tipper (the choir)donated 12/7/2013


Loft Insulation

Sponsored swim


Loft Insulation

Collection from festival of works


Loft Insulation

Doreen Lynch hair cut sponsorship


Loft Insulation

Donation from one of our families 15/10/2013


Loft Insulation

Total main building loft insulation







Quote, trustee/SMT approved, £2160

Raise the roof Concert 13/6/2013


Warehouse Roof repairs

Ian Stevenson’s Singathon




Warehouse Roof repairs

Total roof repairs costs

page7image52144 page7image52712



Quote issued trustee approval £576

For remaining loft insulation Kindie

Still need £600

Total funds in £2857


Total funds out

Remaining money



Posts/ panelling – outdoor classroom

Total funds 16/9/2013


page7image71864 page7image72288

Staffroom mezzanine floor


3 x Quote needed (est. £2000)

Playground resurfacing

page7image80736 page7image82072

3x Quote needed (est.£20,000)

It goes without saying “The more families that turn up the more we can tackle”

Thank you to all who have helped with work around the school during passed workdays

Richard, Deb and Mike (all parents) and New Richard (grandparent).

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