Advent Fair 2013 – a review

I love the Advent Fair, there’s no denying it, I love it.
I might get my knickers in a twist in the days preceding..will the Icelandic cafe have some semblance of ambiance or have I recreated the Ikea staff canteen?…these were my thoughts on Friday evening! But yes, as Saturday morning breaks I’m back in love with it all.
I love the first bit, the calm and anticipation of what the day will bring.
I love the middle , the unexpected treasures as the day unfolds. Familiar faces from only yesterday and those from way back when. The wonderful man who makes his pilgrimage here each year (can you remember Patricia Brett writing about him, when she had the pleasure of first meeting him?) Years ago he happened upon us one advent fair, with his wheelchair-bound daughter. He explored the ground floor stalls and the hall with its lovely music and resigned himself to not venturing upstairs due to the chair. He was blown away by the Michael House children that duly offered and helped his daughter up the stairs that day…and every year he returns. His daughter now grown up. He says that his Christmas begins the minute he hears our wonderful choir sing ‘People Look East’

I love the warmth and the banter, the smiles and the laughs. We laughed as I tried to buy a jumper from the Vintage Clothes stall that belonged to a lady who was trying on a dress! I did wonder why it
felt so warm!

I showed a couple of stall holders around on a whistle stop tour just before the opening…and they marvelled at the glorious amount of lovely stalls and things to experience. and at the end, thanked me for inviting them and said what a wonderful day they had ,what a fabulous school with amazing children.

I love the end, weary and completely tuckered out, when the last cup is washed, last table stacked, last crumb swept and penny counted..we close the door on another beautiful fair day.

Rob and I couldn’t resist walking down the lane and catching one more glimpse as we walked the dogs later that evening and past the very last lock-er up-ers, Melanie and Anna, who both said that the building must still be ‘full of the day’ , reflecting on all that had past through its doors.

So we peeked once again at the beautiful white building in the moonlight and did have that air about it. Just like the jumper..still warm…still telling the tale of what went before.

Julie Wyer (Teacher and Parent)

Click here to see photos from the Advent Fair courtesy of the Ilkeston Advertiser!

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