A Festival of Food – Saturday 2nd March

Details of the Food Festival on Saturday 2nd March:


Taeke Oosterwood, an experienced chocolatier, known for his beautiful sculptures, cakes and fine chocolates will be showing his skills at 11.20am.

Ian Stephenson, Teacher and parent will be making pasta at 11-30 and 2pm. Alongside him in class 1 fresh juice is available.

Ewan Mathers, parent, photographer and great tea time treat maker will be sharing his expertise on Scones at 3pm in the school kitchen.

In class 2 amongst the ready meals, spices and bread Christiana Hatcher, one of our parents, will be showing the sequences needed to make Sourdough.

We also have water testing and information on reversed osmosis water filtering. You may bring a sample of your own water to be tested.

Between 2-3pm there will be a Gardeners Question Time, hosted by Huw Morgan with local experts Lew Winter from Trinity Farm; Claire Hattersley Head gardener at Weleda; and Jim McNulty hot from his allotment.

If you have specific questions please put them in to the front office or email admin@michaelhouseschool.com

Cheryl Winter also of Trinity Farm,Claire and Jim are around during the day to help advise on plant matters and setting up an allotment.You are invited to bring in saved seeds to swop with others.

Other delights will be hot drinks and cakes, waffles, pancakes, soup, lemony things, crafts etc.

We hope you will enjoy the day!!

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